Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

We can analyse your existing on-premise infrastructure and consult you should you need to move to the cloud or have a hybrid solution.  Maybe you just need certain services to be moved?

At we can help you with your exisiting cloud infrastructure or create a new cloud infrastructure to cater for your company needs.

At we are experienced with the major players in cloud computing services (Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Zoho One and more).

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Cloud device management

If you dont have any internal servers, you maybe wondering how you can manage, deploy apps and policies to your organisation Windows based PCs.  Well with windows 10 + Office 365 (intune subscription), your devices can be succesfully managed and administered.

Do you have a fragmanted network with no management? contact us now and let us see what we can do!

Off premise Migration

We can help you migrate your exisiting on-premise migration to the cloud.  This can be anything from Email migration to Office 365, data migration to G suite, migrating your on premise CRM to Zoho crm OR creating a virtual instance of a machine. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop infrastructure can save administrative and deployment issues especially with remote workers.  It also has the look and feel of normal desktops.

You dont need to have onsite servers to host virtual desktop infrastructure.  We can host these in the cloud for you and you can access them anywhere and everwhere.

Is the cloud meant for us?

Cloud Computing and virtualization is gaining popularity in these times. It simply is the kind of computing that relies on shared computing resources instead of local servers and personal devices. So now, the people work on virtualized platforms from anywhere. All the data centers, services, software are going on the cloud to the smooth functioning of the workplace. With the growing number of web-enabled devices access to data is mandatory and easier. It has below-mentioned benefits for modern enterprises:

It greatly affects the IT costs and labor.

It is more scalable and offer better & secured storage.

Protection, data security, and safety is a prime concern these days and cloud services offer the same.

Collaboration and effective communication platforms are provided.

Best work practices and flexibility is received.

Access to automatic updates for your IT requirements is included.

However, there are instances when moving to the cloud can be more of a hinderance.  For instance, if you work in the media sector where you work on raw images and video, synching, uploading and accessing these files can take a long time (broadband speed is a factor) as well as paying for all that storage space per month.

We will consult you to make sure that cloud comouting is RIGHT for you!