IT Support

Maintaining your IT infrastructure can be a time wasting and frustrating practice... SO let us take care of your IT! We will eleviate such pains and streamline your IT services so YOU can get on with your JOB!. 

Whats included in our IT Support Contracts?

Our contracts are flexible to meet your needs. Every IT Support contract includes strict SLAs, unlimited remote support for all staff where they can speak directly to an engineer.

We cater for the popular devices such as Windows PC, Mac OS PC's, Chrome OS devices and linux (ubuntu, fedora, elementary distros).

8:30am - 5:30pm

Our Standard IT support covers the times 8:30am - 5:30pm.  However, if you need out of hours support, we can respond to your needs

IT Security

All our IT Support contracts also provide a standard level of IT Security which includes managed Anti-virus/Anti-malware, managed firewall, cloud based backups, and device policies managed by our device mangement module.

Yearly IT Review

Every year we provide a IT review to make sure you are getting the ideal products for the best prices

Free Audit

Why not take advantage of our free audit? click on the button below to take the ' questionnaire' and we will respond with a possible schedule to audit your site

Contact us and take advantage of our free consultation and audit.  To get started, fill in the quick questionnaire and quote:

By filling out the quick questionnaire, we can quickly reply with an estimated costs of IT support contracts that best suited to your environment and needs

Office relocation

Wherever you are in the office relocation process has the experience you need to successfully plan, budget & execute your office move. Contact us in regards to your office relocation planning and we can consult for each and every step of your office move.

  • Have you double checked that you've got everything organised properly?
  • Keen to ensure that you make good decisions for your business?
  • Want to avoid making expensive (and avoidable) mistakes?
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Cabling and Networking

Our professional installation services ensure that your wired or wireless network is implemented to the highest standard. Our services include the installation and testing of network cabling, wireless access points, network hardware such as WLAN controllers, network switches and firewalls, and other equipment such as racks, IP enclosures and POE injectors.

We can also consult in deploying outdoor wireless bridges for building sites.

We dont just deploy into office space, but we also consult and install wireless mesh solutions for home and home offices.

Device Management

A key task of any company is to protect and secure thier data. Especially in these 'Bring Your Own Device' / 'Choose Your Own Device' era. Device management enables organisations to protect and secure their resources and data, and from different devices.

We can help your organisation make sure that only authorised people and devices get access to proprietary information. Similarly, device users can feel at ease accessing work data from their phone, because they know their device meet their organisation's security requirements.

If you have an on-premise server or just a cloud based infrastructure, we can help!

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How we helped a small business with thier IT who did not want to have a monthly contract!

IT does happen! Companies want to cut down costs but they also dont want to contact IT support for every little thing.  A small business contacted us and wanted a simple environment where they did not want to have a IT support contract and they did not have an internal server (which in larger environments controls office devices).  They did not really want to even contact us unless it was a severe emergency.

So, we migrated all thier data and emails to Office 365 and made sure all thier devices was windows 10 which connects to the Office 365 cloud easily.  We also put them on a subscription that also allows better device management security:

All thier work devices had the office 365 desktop apps.  This allowed the app to always be upto date thus not needing to contact us for other deployment.  Not only that, but via office 365 Intune, we made sure all the integral apps are deployed (chrome browser, pdf writers, anti-virus, other apps they use).

All thier devices were enrolled and if any of the windows devices was reset, any org users can login and everything will be deployed (apps, policies, onedrive backup etc).  This eliminated the need to contact IT support for device setup.

Conditional access and compliance policy was in place so only compliant secured devices were able to connect to company resources.  

This reduced time and hassle!  If you are interested in hassle free IT, please contact us today