at, we have years of experience of web and app development.  We also offer automatiojn workflows from Windows powershell and VBA automated scripting to web workflows.  Give us a call so you can discuss how we can save you time


Contact us if you need a new website or you want to freshen up your webiste.  We can consult and analyse your current website 


We can help design company specific apps on windows and mobile platforms to engage with internal and external people.  

scripting and shell

We can help your day to day by creating Powershell scripts, Office document VBA scripts and other scripting technologies to increase your productivity

Automation and workflows

We can help automate certain company workflows or introduce infrastructure to automate certain workflows


We can introduce online dashboards that connect to your reports (databases, spreadsheets) that will rnage with colleagues


we can help with your spresdheets and statistical R scripts to produce your reports that you intended.

How we helped a small business to automate some of thier workflow!

We were called in to a business as they wanted to see how they can speed up the process of collecting data from external recipients and showing the data collected in a report.  

At the moment they were using both manual paper form when they come into the office as well as using an online form (email and website).  An employee would download the exported answers to their desktop, enter the manual paper forms to that export and create a report.  That employee will then email that report

We automated that process:

  1. We used Microsoft Forms to create the initial form.  From that, we created a link where we embeded it in the website and created a email template for them to email out
  2. As microsoft forms dont have a dedicated mobile app, we created an app using powerapps so visitors can use the form on a android/ios tablet
  3. Once the form is filled out an email notification will go to a group of people and a excel spreadseheet is automatically exported to a shared sharepoint/onedrive document library.
  4. We created a Power BI report dashboard to pull the information from the spreadsheet for the manager to view at anytime and anywhere.
  5. Notifications are also sent using MS Teams chat software
This saved time and money!  If you wish to automate anything at all please let us know so we can give you the possibilities.

Updating your own website (CMS)

More and more companies want to cut the costs of updating the websites.  As part of our consultancy, we would recommend for us to implement a content management feature on the site.

You will then have some control over the site like adding new pages, editing current pages and posts, uploading files and images.

Contact us to know more!

Web Testing

At, we offer the cyber security essentials stamp of approval on websites that offer certain services e.g. e-commerce, online apps etc

We want to give you a peace of mind!

To learn more about our penetration testing andother web testing please contact us 

SEO and Ad compaigns

Search Engine Optimisation can be a scary prospect and many companies offer different techniques and different services to get your site to the top spot of search engines!  Dont be fooled with buzzwords! contact us now and we can setup a meeting to discuss what we can do to make sure your website is optimised as much as possible for search engines.

We will also discuss the possibility of using pay per click ad campaigns to get your site as high as possible in a demanding market!