Telephony & Internet

We can upgrade your exisiting legacy telephone system to cloud hosted systems or refresh your exisiting cloud hosted options.  Are you fed up with slow ADSL speeds in the city?  we can help you get alternative broadband technologies that is not overpriced!  

Broadband & Internet

With our Internet Service and Telephony Partners, we can provide you with reliable business grade internet. 

We will analyse your area and make sure you get the best internet packages in your area.

We will advise if you cannot get business grade FTTC, and supplement it with the next best solution albeit Lease line, EFM or or other fibre.

Mobile Phones

We can provide your company with great mobile phone packages at excellent call rates.

Cloud Hosted Telephony

More and more companies are moving towards cloud hosted telephony systems.  The benefits of VOIP is known, but having it hosted gives you the benefit of moving the phones anywhere and everywhere! 

Wireless Home Mesh

We dont just cater for offices.  We can provide excellent wireless internet that can cover your flat, house or home building.  Need a improved wireless environment for home or office? call now!

What did one of our customers think when we migrated them to hosted VOIP!

"Although we were happy with our BT featureline system, we were a little disheartned with BT when we found out the prices have stayed the same for 10 years!  We called IT express who delivered us our cost effective and reliable FTTC internet and see if they can do anything about it.  Firstly, what they did is give us a cost analysis to make sure we understood the costs savings.  We were surprised at the savings!  They took control of the migration and was there every step of the way

The new phones have been brilliant and we love our desktop and mobile apps!"

Contact us and talk to us about the possibility of upgrading your internet and telephony infrastructure.  You will be surprised about the savings when we give you your cost and calls analysis report!

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If you have any queries or want to ask a general question about the services we offer, please contact us using the methods below.
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